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D I V I N E  F E M I N I N E

The Divine Feminine tee, designed to be a piercing message that is completely unique and adaptable to you – who you are, and what the message means to you individually.
W H A T  D O E S  I T  M E A N  T O  B E  F E M I N I N E ?
Femininity has many forms, endless in fact. It is birthed in our natural instincts that come from having feminine energy within us. To nurture, to care, to feel, to intuitively sense. To create, to expand. The divinity of the feminine energy is pure, and evolves as we grow and change with our ideas and dreams. This is the seed of femininity. In our ever unfolding lives, we grow and form branch after branch, leaf after leaf, of what it means to us.
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H O W  W E  A R E  T A U G H T  T O  B E  F E M I N I N E
From an early age, we are told to believe that femininity is pink. Is pretty, is well behaved, is obedient, is small, is polite, is clothed in dresses, is sweet and is vulnerable. Ultimately, a feminine girl does as she is told. Whilst all of these factor and traits may be acceptable in isolation, moulding yourself to fit other people’s version of how you should behave is a dangerous way to live.
From the endless forms of media we have been exposed to at an impressionable age, to the dolls we were told to play with. To what we adopted from paternalism, from teachers and institutions – we have grown up with a contaminated, boxed, restricted idea of what it means to be feminine. We were born into a world where all of the rules were laid down in place long before we were born, and we simply had to abide by them. Why? Because in our natural moments of rebellion and non conformity, we were seen to be ‘misbehaving’, ‘bad’, or ‘weird’.
As we have grown older, the rules of femininity have perhaps taken another level. One that is unachievable unrealistic, completely limiting and suppresses the spirit. We must do whatever it takes to feel feminine, according to our needs, and our ways in which we wish to express ourselves and feel empowered personally.
F E M I N I N I T Y  R E P R E S S E D  I N  T H E  S E X E S
“The rise of the feminine within us all will heal our world”
To make it evermore challenging, we see rejection of femininity in our society everywhere we go, primarily in men. In some cases it is deemed dangerous to express our emotions, our vulnerability, to open our heart – something we all naturally experience from time to time in this human life. But what are the consequences? Overdrive of the ego, of the analytical mind, something greatly celebrated in this world. The desire to be purely masculine in men, fearing to look weak, fearing to be delicate, needing to be powerful and in control is the reason we go to war. It’s one of the very reasons we have so much suffering occurring today. Ideally, we can choose to balance the feminine and masculine energy within us all and surrender to this. Collapse the duality once and for all, and recognise that the traits of femininity are divine.
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F E M I N I N E  W I T H  N O  B O U N D A R I E S
“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes
So what is your feminine essence with no boundaries? Does that mean shaving off every last strand of hair on your head? Wearing as much jewellery as you possibly can that sets you on fire inside? Walking barefoot in a forest? Growing your body hair? Being in solitude for a week? Playing an instrument for hours? Scribbling notes, drawings, poems and ideas in a journal? Speaking your truth? Daring to dream where you haven’t allowed yourself to go? Taking risks, being rebellious to institutions? Following your heart, your intuition no matter who says no? Studying and working hard for your dreams? Succeeding no matter what? What does it mean to you? Sit for a moment and ask yourself this, your body will tell you the answer. You can feel it deep inside of you; then all you have to do is proceed, without judgement. For yourself or others.
W I L D  E S S E N C E
“To save the earth, we must first learn to fall in love and connect with it and the people”
As Ararose faithfully supports the slow fashion movement, like anyone who does, we have a natural care for the earth, her environment, and the well being of people. Therefore, an empowering question to ask is ‘How can I incorporate the divine feminine with saving the planet?’. This answer can be as narrow or as wide as you wish. But to connect back with our wild essence, our roots that are connected to all living things is a sacred thing to do. The next time you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or behaving from fear or anger – take the time to breathe. Our fast paced lifestyle can leave us feeling disconnected, and often hopeless in situations.
The next time you find yourself in a hurry, slow down and relax your nervous system. Take the time to appreciate the trees, they are alive and breathing. The life that is all around you is precious. To simply see this, is a heart felt, divine, feminine thing to do. To uplift your fellow brothers and sisters, to go out of your way to make someone feel special is a divine, feminine thing to do. We must learn to give, and be conscious of our actions to save our mother earth. We must adopt her unconditional, loving, creative, giving wondrous energy. In a world drowning in ego, competition and fear, you can hold this message dear to your heart.
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