S O C I E T Y / B E A U T Y

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S O C I E T Y  A N D  I T S  D I S T O R T O N S

The Society T-shirt. Words that must be acknowledged. Words that must be at the forefront of our minds today. In a world of endless beauty, limitless expression and ever evolving life, it is a crime to define ourselves as being anything less than beautiful. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So it is time we step outside of the illusory box that society has fixated our minds in, and reclaim our authenticity with utmost confidence.


B E A U T Y  S T A N D A R D S  I N  S O C I E T Y
Perhaps it could be perceived as easy to blame society for our perceptions of beauty. But in a world where we are bombarded with television, advertisements, social media, celebrities, magazines/newspapers on a daily basis, the collective media is responsible for what message they send to women and men around the globe. And what message is that? That who you are isn’t enough, and it never will be. Why? Because the idea of perfection is an illusion, an endless ladder to climb with no end in sight. It is no secret that movies, advertisements and any media we are exposed to shape the way our brain perceives the world as well as ourselves. So when the overriding message we receive is ‘you are not enough’ until you have bought this product or we feel as though we will never be noticed due to the incredibly narrow, selective representation of men and women in the media. Is it any wonder that our perception has become distorted?
L I M I T A T I O N S  O N  B E A U T  Y
The limitations on beauty in this society is present almost everywhere we turn. We have all been subjected to the brainwashing ideas of what beauty is, even going back to when we were children. When we were in the prime of an impressionable age, we received the message from dolls, movies, fairytales and cartoons, that how we looked was a key factor in happy endings, success and ultimately receiving love.
As we have grown older, the fixed, narrow minded lid that the media insists to hold on to when it comes to representing the population is still present. Western features worldwide are worshipped, whilst other cultures, races, shapes and sizes fall into insignificance. This becomes glaringly obvious when travelling to countries where the vast majority of the race has dark features, only to find blonde hair and blue eyed women and children on advertisements. The idea that any race or culture is superior to another is utterly insane, we are all equal. We have just been programmed to believe otherwise.


B E A U T Y  W I T H  N O  L I M I T S

We must ask ourselves the question, what is beauty with no limits? To Ararose, beauty is fluid, moving and evolving, as the characters of who we are pursue ideas that extend beyond our appearance. Beauty with no limits is expressing the spirit and the soul. Fluidity outside of the box of who we are told to be, and how we are told to look. Beauty with no limits is an endless creation. Dancing, drawing, inventing, doing the right thing, being kind to others. Empathy, empowerment, laughter, smiling, fearlessness, silence, worthy eye contact, honesty, confidence. Fighting for something, standing up for truth. Beauty with no limits is seeing the wonder in everything, in every person, race, culture and size. It is acceptance of who we are now, and acceptance of others around us. It is the refusal to accept limiting beliefs from our society, culture and media. To be who we are and what feels right to us unapologetically, and fearlessly.

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L I B E R A T I N G  Y O U R S E L F  F R O M  T H E  T R A P S
If you were to cut open your body now – where are you? Think about it, where are you in your body? Your body is simply flesh, flesh that holds your consciousness and spirit. But it is not who you are, you are not your body!
We are far more than skin and bone. Where is your passion born? Where is your wild heart? Your talents? If we want to liberate ourselves truly, we must see beyond what the eye perceives and step into what the heart feels. If the depth of who we are extends for miles and miles, how we look is simply the first step on a long, unfolding journey to discovery.
The media in some places has become a shallow, hollow, industry. Surround yourself with books that inspire you, stories that set your soul on fire, people who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Give yourself permission to walk away from anything that brings you the feeling of disempowerment. Whether that is social media, magazines, celebrity news, whatever – this is your world, your life, your dream. Know that society has a distorted perception of beauty, but you in this moment can decide what to believe, and what not to believe.
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L E A R N I N G  T O  L O V E  Y O U R  N A T U R A L  S T A T E
Learning to love your natural state is an incredibly liberating thing to do. Our bodies are complex works of art, absolute miracles – but we have been taught to go against who we fundamentally are. Straighten your curly hair, curl your straight hair, tan your skin fair skin, lighten your dark skin. Whilst dressing ourselves up and being creative with expressing all kinds of beauty is a wonderful thing to do, when it involves the absence of celebrating our natural state, it can leave us feeling depleted and unworthy. The moment is here and the time is now, celebrate the miracle of who you are.
To be who you are authentically and fall in love with every inch of yourself at all times – regardless of whether others will approve, is an incredibly limitless, empowering mindset to have. To adore the woman you are with no make up, the woman with body hair, the woman who is messy, the woman who has spots and scars as much as you adore the women who is dressed up for the world head to toe. Love yourself unconditionally. Celebrating every state of your body, not just when you decide to approve of yourself. This will ultimately set you free to be the person you were born to be.
“In a society that profits from self doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act”

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