A R T I S T I N T E R V I E W -P I N K B I T S

We interviewed the wonderfully talented artist @pink_bits about the meaning behind her work, the message she wishes to portray, and why it is so important in this time to represent all women in art.
We adored Pink Bits distinctive work and how she illustrates women in such an authentic, unapologetic way. Her work is based on honesty, empowerment, and love for the female form unconditionally – in all states.
At Ararose, we decided to collaborate with Pink Bits as we felt her work was perfectly suited for our brands ethos, especially when it came to the messages behind our slogan tees.
When did you start to draw? And were you inspired by an other artists?
I’ve always been a creative person, and have been drawing from a young age. But I started illustrating Pink Bits in October of 2016.
I am hugely inspired by other artists, illustrators and graphic designers. The first body positive artist I came across was Frances Cannon, her work really made an impact on me.
We adore how you represent such a variety of women, was there any reason you chose to do this?
Thank you!  I really believe that representation is so important, and can be so empowering to the viewer. If the illustrations of Pink Bits only showcased a narrow segment of people – it would be pointless.
To support women, I need to support all women  To help all women feel represented, worthy of self love or body positivity, I need to represent as many women as I can.
There’s so many incredible people that are not being represented enough in our everyday media – I want to diversify that.
Is there a particular message you wish to portray through your drawings?

I would like the women who view my work to feel empowered and represented through my illustrations. I’d like them to know that we as a womanhood are incredible, and can be anything, and do anything we want. 

I would like them to be reminded daily through my illustrations that the narrow mould in which society expects women to conform-to is something of the past, and that we are breaking it down together.

Discover more of the artist’s work on Instagram: pink_bits

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